The Hooligan Camp

It has been a while since I have updated my photo blog. This summer has been a bit crazy for me and I have not done as much photography as I would have liked to. However, the hiatus is over and I am back in business. I am shooting again and will be updating this blog regularly, hopefully weekly, except for a month-long trip to …

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If It’s A Tourist Season, Why Can’t We Shoot Them?

It’s less than a month until first multi-level cruise ships cast their shadow over downtown Juneau, overpowering with their massiveness most of the waterfront. Their guts will start spewing thousands of tourists onto South Franklin Street, letting them be on dry land just long enough to keep them motivated to spend money in Chinese-made trinket shops along South Franklin or on pre-packaged excursions of a …

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Downtown Juneau at Night

My idea was to write a cheerful story about the Governor’s Mansion since I live only a few minutes from it and often pass it on the way to downtown. How it turned into a post of gloomy night-time shots of desolate downtown and the governor’s mansion, I don’t know. Perhaps, I shouldn’t have looked at my credit card statement before sitting down to pick …

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The Aleutian Halibut Fishery

With the halibut and black cod (sablefish) season just opening in Alaska, I decided to post a few photos from my photo archive of the halibut fishery from Dutch Harbor, Alaska from 2005. Halibut can get very large. They are one of the largest bone fishes, not that rarely reaching over 300 pounds. At about 3 to 5 dollars a pound paid to fishermen, such …

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Southeast Alaska Golden King Crab Fishery

I was lucky to meet Charlie – captain of F/V Erika Ann – while photographing Tanner crab processing at the Alaska Glacier Seafoods in Juneau, Alaska. He graciously invited me to accompany him on a two-day golden king crab fishing trip to photograph the fishery in Lynn Canal in Southeast Alaska. As he was leaving in a couple of hours when I met him, I …

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