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Construction aerial drone photography in Tacoma

How a photograph is made

In the film days, photographer’s job was done when he dropped off rolls of film with the client’s publishing department. Now, editing is more often than not part of the job. Clients expect fully edited photos that are ready for their website or marketing materials. Editing photos is its own […]

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Covering the Swiftsure International Yacht Race 2017

In my previous life I was a fishery biologist. I spent 15 years on boats of all colors and sizes, but never had a chance to go sailing on a yacht. My love of the boats eventually turned into my current profession of a maritime and industrial photographer. When Stocksy […]

Washington marine photographer | Mihael Blikshteyn Photography

Life on a yacht

Life on a yacht. Sailing through the Strait of Juan de Fuca between Washington state, USA and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.