Wearable Art 2008

The Wearable Art this year in my town of Juneau, Alaska was a splendid showcase of glamour and creativity. With a change to two shows this year, a larger audience had a chance to appreciate the imagination of the modeled wearable art and architectural skill for the backdrop that set the mood for the entire event. The talent to design and the skill to build the …

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Impromptu Photoshoot

Last summer I visited my folks back in New York City. My sister just had a baby, so I setup a quick “studio” in her then-spare bedroom for a photo shoot of her, my brother-in-law and their new boy. The room walls were painted in light blue color, which was also the color of the window drapes. This gave me a nice background to work …

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The Holy Theophany

Several months ago I met the priest of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church. The Church and Rectory in Juneau, Alaska are “among the oldest historic properties in Alaska. The rectory is one of  five that survive today from the 19th century. Built in 1893, St. Nicholas has seen continuous use since its consecration in 1894. In 1892, a delegation of Tlingit chiefs in Juneau met …

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The Raven

I’ve been asked to photograph ravens for a client who wants to market those prints to tourists this summer. I thought: “well, what could be easier”? There are several spots in Juneau where I see them consistently. They come close when food is in sight, and often end up in comical situations, begging to be photographed.  So I got my longest telephoto lens out, which …

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“Early retirement”

I have to say – I love my “early retirement” – at least while it lasts. I get up whenever I want – usually around 5 or 6 am and do what I want – which is, weather-dependent, usually shooting in the mornings and evenings and working on my photos at home or looking for opportunities to market them in between. No cubicle from 8 …

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