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Klamath River, California Commercial King Salmon Fishery by Yurok Tribe.

Towards the end of the king salmon season in northern California, which this year was from June through early September, natives of the Yurok Tribe were allowed to commercially gillnet 13,000 [corrected 16 October] king salmon from the mouth of the Klamath River. With no bag limit and the price […]

Humboldt Sand Creations

A small but dedicated group has sprung up in Humboldt. They show up on beaches, early in the morning, rakers in hand, ready to leave their mark. They take nothing but pictures. They avoid leaving footprints. What they do leave in the wet sand are geometric figures, some quite large. […]

Gold Town Nickelodeon

Just before I left Juneau, Alaska in November of 2009, I was asked to take a few photos of the Gold Town Nickelodeon art movie house for their new website. Here are a couple of the more interesting shots:

2009 Channel Islands Cleanup

Channel Islands is a cluster of 14 small islands stretching from Auke Bay to Amalga Harbor near Juneau, Alaska. These islands provide an important habitat for nesting shorebirds, a haul out for Stellar sea lions, and an amazing recreational area for kayakers, campers, boaters, and geocachers. Thanks to the efforts […]

Wearable Art 2009: Altered State

One of the most anticipated events in Juneau, Alaska is the annual Wearable Art Extravaganza. A fashion show of extravagant dresses and costumes made from the most ingenious materials, it pushes the envelope of many of the artists’ creative thinking and abilities. Now in its 8th year, the theme for […]