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Man playing golf on a sunny day on a beautiful golf course

I’ve never been on a golf course, so I jumped at a chance to do a photo shoot of a friend playing golf. The setting was perfect – a warm, sunny, windless evening and good, cold Alaskan beer. The golf course was a green oasis in the midst of a brown drought-soaked California’s Central Valley.

Man playing golf on a sunny day on a beautiful golf course

Man playing golf on a sunny day on a beautiful golf course

Man playing golf on a sunny day on a beautiful golf course

Man playing golf on a sunny day on a beautiful golf course

These and other images from this shoot are available for license through Stocksy.

Point Reyes National Seashore

Blooming wildflowers on the northern California coast enveloped in fog Point Reyes, an hour drive north from San Francisco, is a gem of a place. A prominent cape in the Marin County of northern California, it’s also a protected national park. Although only 100 square miles, with trails running along the coast and through the forest, there is a plethora of places to get away from the crowd and explore. There are great places to bike, both along rural paved roads and hard-packed trails. There are camping sites. There is a hostel right in the park – the only hostel in the country located within a national park boundary. For lighthouse aficionados, the Point Reyes lighthouse is not only photogenic – when not enveloped by fog – but has even been featured in the John Carpenter film “The Fog”. Before becoming a national park, the area was extensively used for ranching. To this day, cows roam freely within grandfathered-in ranches. And for a bit of civilization, the nearby Point Reyes Station is a charming small town to explore.

Free-range milk cows grazing on a pasture Blooming wildflowers on the northern California coast Some of these images are available for license on Stocksy and as art prints on Crated.


One thing for sure, there is a bottomless well of very interesting people in Arcata, California. I decided to start documenting many of the more colorful people I come across. With the waining days of warm sunshine, and my busy fieldwork schedule, I can only spend a couple of hours each weekend roaming around downtown Arcata, looking for people to photograph. Here’s my first attempt.

The 38th annual North County Fair and Harvest Festival

It was a gray and rainy day, but it did not deter hundreds of people joining the festivities on the Arcata  Plaza for the 38th Annual North County Fair and Harvest Festival. Those who did not go south to the EarthDance, the last one to be held in Laytonville, came for music, crafts and lots of great food. Where else but in Arcata can you find booth after booth of wholesome and delicious vegan and vegetarian food at a fair? From the Same Old People website: “The North Country Fair is an annual two-day festival held on the Arcata Plaza in Arcata, CA every September since it’s inception in 1974. The fair includes around 200 craft, food, and information booths, two parades, two stages, and a lawn performance area. An estimated 10,000 people come from everywhere to help us celebrate the diversity within our community and our world and ring in the change of seasons that accompanies the Autumnal Equinox”.

Shelter Cove, California

It has been a year since my hitchhiking and backpacking trip with Chelsea to the Humboldt Redwoods State Park and the Lost Coast trail. We emerged in Shelter Cove, tired and hungry, from backpacking along the trail, and spent the last night of the trip camping on a bluff above a beautiful black beach. That trip was the catalyst for my move from Juneau, Alaska to northern California four months later. Ironically enough, at the same time next year, I would find myself in Shelter Cove again, working for the California Department of Fish and Game.