Point Reyes National Seashore

Blooming wildflowers on the northern California coast enveloped in fog Point Reyes, an hour drive north from San Francisco, is a gem of a place. A prominent cape in the Marin County of northern California, it’s also a protected national park. Although only 100 square miles, with trails running along the coast and through the forest, there is a plethora of places to get away from the crowd and explore. There are great places to bike, both along rural paved roads and hard-packed trails. There are camping sites. There is a hostel right in the park – the only hostel in the country located within a national park boundary. For lighthouse aficionados, the Point Reyes lighthouse is not only photogenic – when not enveloped by fog – but has even been featured in the John Carpenter film “The Fog”. Before becoming a national park, the area was extensively used for ranching. To this day, cows roam freely within grandfathered-in ranches. And for a bit of civilization, the nearby Point Reyes Station is a charming small town to explore.

Free-range milk cows grazing on a pasture Blooming wildflowers on the northern California coast Some of these images are available for license on Stocksy and as art prints on Crated.

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