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Covering the Swiftsure International Yacht Race 2017

In my previous life I was a fishery biologist. I spent 15 years on boats of all colors and sizes, but never had a chance to go sailing on a yacht. My love of the boats eventually turned into my current profession of a maritime and industrial photographer. When Stocksy […]

Pink Salmon Fishery in the Russian Far East

Narrative and photography by Mihael Blikshteyn for Fishermen’s News (October 2016). Reprinted with permission. Sakhalin Island Salmon Fishery Roughly half of global Pacific salmon harvest comes from Russia. The majority of it is pink salmon, accounting for 60 to 70% of the global supply. Chum, sockeye and coho salmon each make […]


Salmon Love Stories: Melanie Brown – The Gift

Narrative and photography by Mihael Blikshteyn. Commissioned by The Salmon Project for the Salmon Love, Salmon Life stories in 2015. Reprinted with permission. Surrounded by flat, low-lying lands, punctured by numerous lakes and intertwining streams, Naknek River feeds into Kvichak Bay, an arm of Bristol Bay, supporting the largest sockeye […]


Sakhalin Island Pink Salmon Fishery

Vladimir Smirnov We reached Plavnik just before the sunset. The remote commercial fishing camp looked like the Russian version of an intentional community. Half a dozen wooden buildings huddled together at the mouth of Langeri River, tucked away in the northeastern corner of Sakhalin Island. Well-built and maintained, the remote camp is rather an […]