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Happy New Year!

Long nights, late sunrises, and early sunsets present a wonderful opportunity for little-ambient-light photography. It’s such a pleasure to wait for a sunrise at 8 or 9 in the morning, late enough to sleep in till 6 and have a cup of freshly brewed tea before heading out.  A fresh […]


Governor’s Mansion: The Exodus

In the spring of this year, I mentioned how much lovelier the Governor’s Mansion (in Juneau, Alaska – the state’s capital) looked now that Sarah Palin has moved in. Even the Anchorage Daily News posted my comment on their website. Well, the honeymoon didn’t last long. For the past six […]


The Full Moon

It was a rare combination in Juneau – the full moon and clear skies. Such an opportunity for night photography was hard to pass – a chance for a photo of the moon reflecting in the lake by the glacier. I drove to the Mendenhall Glacier after work and walked […]


Cleaning Up

Southeast Alaska’s Inside Passage is dotted with islands, large and small, many only a day of paddling from each other. Some of them are within an easy reach of Juneau, making kayaking a popular activity here. A number of locals have lobbied to get a few of the more popular […]


The Hooligan Camp

It has been a while since I have updated my photo blog. This summer has been a bit crazy for me and I have not done as much photography as I would have liked to. However, the hiatus is over and I am back in business. I am shooting again […]