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Mihael Blikshteyn Photography | Construction photographer in Seattle, Washington

Home remodeling

Home remodeling, photographed in Medford, Oregon. I am always impressed by people skilled in carpentry. I am still working on being able to hang shelves straight.

Mihael Blikshteyn Photography | Trade

Tacoma Cobbler

Gary Aitchison has been repairing shoes around Tacoma, Washington since he was 15 years old. That’s 45 years of being a cobbler. His father opened the repair shop, Syd’s Shoe Repair, and got Gary interested in the business. The store moved locations several times over the past decades. It’s now located at 4605 Pacific Avenue. Walking into the …

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It’s the 1970s

The spring was in the air and I was feeling nostalgic. Airy, sunny, light-hearted images were on my mind. I decided to do a photoshoot that would be a throwback to the 1970s – youth activism, wild colors and patterns in what we wore. When I met the model Kelly Sue, I knew I had …

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Modeled by the talented Shakera Mathews. More photos from this shoot at


I can’t think of a more beautiful backdrop to an outdoors photo shoot than snow-covered Mendenhall Wetlands in Juneau, Alaska.  With golden dried grass poking through, blue-green tree-covered mountains in the back and the expanse of the wetlands, it’s hard not to be enchanted by this place. My original idea was to have the elegant …

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