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Sakhalin Island Pink Salmon Fishery

Vladimir Smirnov We reached Plavnik just before the sunset. The remote commercial fishing camp looked like the Russian version of an intentional community. Half a dozen wooden buildings huddled together at the mouth of Langeri River, tucked away in the northeastern corner of Sakhalin Island. Well-built and maintained, the remote camp is rather an […]


A dinner for 200: feeding fish processors in Ozernovsky, Kamchatka.

One of the most successful and largest fishing companies in Ozernovsky, Kamchatka has many mouths to feed.  Not even counting their fishermen, who eat at their posts – either on boats or at fish camps – there are still over 200 fish processors. They come to the galley in waves, […]


Fishermen of Ecuador

On a recent trip to Ecuador, Nora and I detoured from traveling down the High Andes to spend a week at the coast. We picked Puerto Lopez, a charming, small fishing town. Our beach-front lodging at the edge of town was surrounded by trees with hammocks and a tree house […]


St. Petersburg in red and green

St. Petersburg, Russia – the “Venice of the North”, former capital of Russia, my birthplace. In 2011, returning from a business trip to the Russian Far East, I visited it the first time since I left Russia over 20 years ago. Here are several of my favorite photos from that […]