A dinner for 200: feeding fish processors in Ozernovsky, Kamchatka.

Food preparation at the Vityaz-Avto plant

One of the most successful and largest fishing companies in Ozernovsky, Kamchatka has many mouths to feed.  Not even counting their fishermen, who eat at their posts – either on boats or at fish camps – there are still over 200 fish processors. They come to the galley in waves, looking for hearty, tasty meals. The food is excellent and made from scratch, and includes soups, main dishes, and deserts. The owners and managers eat the same food as all the other workers, although, admittedly, the top management supplements their dinners with caviar from a jar in the fridge.

Food preparation at the Vityaz-Avto plant

Food preparation at the Vityaz-Avto plant

The company also runs the only bakery in town, which provides bread not just for the fishing company employees, but is also sold to the town residents.

Vityaz-Avto Bakery and Delivery Truck

Some employees, who live in town year-round, have their dachas a kilometer or two from the town center, where they grow their veggies.

Sergey Krukov's Dacha, Garden and Greenhouse

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